We Are CHSAA: Promoting Positive Leadership

In light of the one similarity that all schools share -- the natural leadership that participants in sports, music, speech and student leadership possess -- the Association has developed a program to bring out those natural abilities in students and create a positive, inclusive school culture: We Are CHSAA: Promoting Positive Leadership.

The campaign requires empowering the natural leadership qualities of our student participants to be more inclusive of their classmates, regardless of social standing, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or any other perceived difference that might make a student feel excluded.

For this sportsmanship program, we have joined with Positive Coaching Alliance and You Can Play, Colorado!

You Can Play, Colorado!

The Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) and the You Can Play Project are teaming up to present voices from all over Colorado as they talk about teamwork, respect and inclusion. “You Can Play, Colorado!” is part of the We Are CHSAA: Promoting Positive Leadership program. It’s a video competition and educational experience dedicated to ensuring that all students are encouraged to participate and be accepted for what they bring to a team, and not excluded for what some might see as differences.

Teams, clubs, student organizations and entire schools are invited to submit videos talking about their teams, towns and why they welcome everyone based on heart, talent and skill without excluding students because of their race, religions, sexual orientation or gender identity, or other factors.

To participate in the competition, go to our You Can Play, Colorado! page.


CHSAA's online Leadership Resource Bank provides toolkits and trainings to help educators, coaches, students and/or parents promote positive leadership, inclusivity and equality in their communities.

Go to:


Positive school climates are critical for student success.  The Legacy Foundation’s Toolkit for Transforming School Climates provides tools and strategies designed to help students and educators as they work to create and sustain positive, healthy climates where all children can participate, learn and thrive.

The mission of the Colorado School Safety Resource Center is to assist schools and communities as they work to create safe, positive and successful school environments for all Colorado students. All of CSSRC’s resources and trainings are provided at no cost.

CSSRC’s Bullying and Harassment Resource Guide is an excellent guidebook for educators and parents seeking to understand and address bullying and harassment in their schools.

GLSEN’s Safe Space Kit is an educator’s guide to being an ally to LGBTstudents.

One Colorado’s Guidance for Educators Working with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students. Written in collaboration with the Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB), the Colorado Association of School Executives (CASE), and the Colorado Education Association (CEA), this document provides practical guidance and resources to school districts, educators, and school communities working with and meeting the needs of transgender students.

Beyond Sportsmanship Leadership Trainings 

We are CHSAA has partnered with the Positive Coaching Alliance to develop leadership trainings to help students, coaches, parents and fans promote ideals around respect for self, respect for teammates and respect for “the game.”  The goal is to help our athletes and other student leaders become agents of change in their communities by modeling kindness and acceptance in their schools.

Contact Tom Robinson, trobinson@chsaa.org, to schedule a training in your region/school.

Educational partners

BOCES Association
Charter league
Charter school institute
School safety resource center