CHSAA information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This page contains the latest information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic from the Colorado High School Activities Association, as it relates to our sports and activities.

Latest information

We have released the full activities calendar for all sports.

Date: Sept. 16

Information: The Colorado High School Activities Association has announced its 2020-2021 interscholastic athletics and activities calendar.

Find the calendar, and dates, here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does CHSAA allow for concurrent participation in high school and club during the same season?

Yes. This is allowed with written permission from the student's principal. See bylaw 2100.2.

Can seniors who have already graduated keep playing during a season which ends after their graduation?

Yes. This already happens during a typical spring season, for example, during the state track meet or the state baseball tournaments. Note that students must be enrolled in the equivalent of 2.5 academic units/or district standard in both semesters to participate.

Can sports not participating in Season A have voluntary offseason workouts?


If a school doesn't offer one of the sports set to be played in Season A, can they add it at this time?

Yes. Please contact the CHSAA office for more info.

Regarding minimum number of practices, do athletes get an exemption if they are coming from a sport in the previous season?

Per bylaw 2310.31, Exemption 3: "A member of a team which competes interscholastically on or after the start of formal practice for the next sports season is exempt from the three-day requirement." This exemption also applies to football.

What is the requirement for masks?

All CHSAA spectators, coaches, officials, and participants who are not actively playing must wear a mask for sports in Season A, as they are all outdoor. The requirements for indoor sports are different at this point.

Can a school rent its football equipment to an outside organization outside of the CHSAA-sanctioned competition season?

No. Per bylaw 3310.1, it is a violation to issue protective football equipment except during the formal sports season.

This page will be updated with further information/FAQs as needed.