Information for the girls swimming and diving state championships

The CHSAA girls swimming & diving state championships are this weekend. Below is relevant and important information.

Important documents:

Event Entry (Staggered Entrance Time By Event)

Please view the above documents for entering the facility at your assigned arrival time (this will be used for all events). Please note that all who enter the VMAC will have their temperature taken and must wear a facial covering. Athletes may remove their facial covering when they are in the water and on the blocks. Each event and heat will have an assigned area on the pool deck where they can place their belongings (NO LOCKER ROOM ACCESS WILL BE ALLOWED – EXCEPT FOR BATHROOM USE).

Please know what time your event is allowed to enter and plan accordingly. The temperature will be cold outside for State and we do not want to have groups standing outside waiting to get into the facility. Athletes, coaches, timers and spectators must all enter the facility at the same time.

Each individual athlete will be allowed two spectators (relays will be allowed four spectators total per relay), one coach and one timer for each event (one lap counter permitted for the 500 Freestyle). All five (athlete, coach, timer, two spectators) MUST enter the facility together (Relays will have four athletes, one coach, one timer and four spectators for a total of ten people). If someone in the group is late, they will not be permitted access to the facility. An athlete may not enter without their coach. The four that you will swim in each relay will be the only four from that relay granted access to the facility (IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOUR RELAY TIMER IS AN ALTERNATE).

A relay declaration card will be sent to you in advance and you will hand this card to the scorer’s table when entering the venue.

Spectators/Timers/Coaches MUST arrive with the athlete, and for contact tracing purposes, ALL spectators MUST fill out the google form (QR code) the morning of the event and before they arrive at the VMAC. All spectators will be required to wear a facial covering upon entrance and throughout the duration of the event while inside the VMAC. When spectators arrive with their athlete and are cleared to enter the VMAC, they will have their temperature taken and it will be verified that the google form has been filled out. Once those are complete, spectators will be directed upstairs and will be greeted by an event assistant and escorted to their seat for the event. Spectators will NOT be able to pick their seats.

Athletic Directors may come into the facility and watch from the bleachers only (AD of winning team may come on deck for trophy presentation). If you would like to attend, you MUST RSVP with Whitney ASAP and let her know the exact event you plan on attending and when you plan on leaving so that she can keep a count of numbers in the bleachers.

We’ve allotted for up to 20 ADs to be in the bleachers during the event, so please feel free to attend as much or as little as you would like (first come first serve with RSVP’s). You will receive a wristband when entering that will allow you to remain in the facility (bleachers only) throughout the event.

On Deck Reminders

Meet Warmup

Athletes are responsible for cleaning up their “campsite” on the deck after each session.

Everyone in the VMAC MUST wear a facial covering at all times when not in the water or on the starting block.

Please remind athletes that the chairs on deck are for coaches or officials only.

The exit doors must remain clear/closed at all times. Any athletes/coaches/timers opening these doors to allow unauthorized people on deck will be disqualified from the meet. Any athletes/coaches/timers that do not leave the facility after their event will be disqualified from the meet. Any spectators that do not leave the facility immediately after the event will be banned from the remainder of the meet.

Event Exit (Immediate Exit From the Facility)

Immediately after each event, swimmers will exit the pool for the awards ceremony.  We will award 1st-10th place with a medal.  At the conclusion of the awards ceremony, athletes, coaches, timers and spectators will be required to exit the facility from their designated exit location.  Anyone failing to exit the pool will be immediately disqualified from the remainder of the meet.

It has been asked that all spectators remain seated after each event and wait until they are released and directed to an exit after each awards ceremony.



Due to limited parking, school buses & vans may drop off the teams at the VMAC entrance, but must follow the parking guidelines:

  • Overflow/School buses/Van parking will be located at Trail Winds Open Spaces southeast of the VMAC off Holly Street (see attached map)
  • No Parking will be allowed at the Horizon High School lots while school is in session (PARKING AT HORIZON HS WILL BE ALLOWED AFTER 3:30PM ONLY)
  • No Parking will be allowed in the Trail Winds Recreation Center parking lots located east of the VMAC
  • No RV Parking will be allowed at the VMAC.  RV’s should park at Trail Winds Open Space, but it is highly encouraged to reach out to the City of Thornton and get authorization, as Adams 12 Five Star Schools has no affiliation with that lot
  • Please observe the signs within the main parking lot for traffic flow to keep this lot from getting too congested (remind your athletes and their parents)

There is also no parking or tailgating on the grass around the main VMAC parking lot (again, remind your athletes and their parents).

All athletes must be accompanied by a coach who is under contract for your school AND who is registered per CHSAA. This coach must be on-site to act as the legal and liable individual in charge of these athletes. Without this coach, your athletes will not be allowed into the pool.

Spectator Seating & Entry Fee

Seating is general admission and first-come, first-serve; fans will not be allowed to save seats. VMAC security and staff will remove any objects from the stands if they are being used for this purpose. There is no seating in the aisles or leaning on the glass wall at the bottom of the stands. Student athletes competing in the state meet are not allowed to go up into the spectator seating area. Security/staff will not allow them, so make sure they know to meet their family/friends outside.  Facial coverings must be worn by anyone not competing at all times inside the facility.

There will be no on-site ticket sales for the CHSAA State Swim & Dive Meet.  Each competitor will be allowed two spectators to accompany them into the facility for individual events and one spectator for relay events.  Cost of a ticket to the meet is $15 and this cost will be automatically invoiced to each school based on the number of competitors each team has (each individual entry will automatically be billed at a cost of $30 and relay participants that are not qualified for an individual event will be billed at a cost of $15). Tickets are transferable and a different person could accompany the athlete in for separate events she has qualified for (this will not increase the cost per athlete). Each athlete will be invoiced at $30. Anyone competing in only a relay event will be invoiced at $15.