Video: Commissioner Rhonda Blanford-Green answers students' questions about sports and activities in 2021

We took to Instagram last week to ask students to send us any questions they had for our commissioner, Rhonda Blanford-Green. And those students sure delivered.

We fielded nearly 300 questions on that Instagram post and through our direct messages. We did our best to identify common questions, and ones that would be able to hit on multiple topics. As a result, we ended up with 20 questions, and we sat down with Blanford-Green to ask those questions.

The result is a conversation that spanned more than 40 minutes, and a wide range of topics.

Questions answered in the video:

  • "Delayed and cancelled are two different things, right? Doesn't the CDPHE dictate if CHSAA delays sports?"
  • "When did CHSAA get word from the CDPHE that the season was going to be delayed?"
  • "What are variances from the state?"
  • "Why were the remaining seasons delayed, especially Season D?"
  • "Why was football allowed to finish its season, and these sports got delayed?"
  • "The letter from CDPHE mentioned indoor sports. How does that impact skiing?"
  • "Is there a possibility our season could be cancelled?"
  • "Does the CHSAA staff think that Season B will be the hardest to deal since many of the sports are going to be indoor and close contact?"
  • "Why is the delay being announced so early?"
  • "Why can there be club sports, and places around us can play indoor sports, but we can't play a normal season?"
  • "Will counties in level red cause indoor sports to postpone until the level decreases?"
  • When will specifics on sports season be released?
  • "Why can college and professional athletes play without masks and we can't even play at all?"
  • "How does it work if we graduate in May and track ends June 26?"
  • "If there is a vaccine developed, will there be fans allowed?"
  • "If schools don't return to in-person learning, will sports be able to resume?"
  • "Why do the seasons overlap?"
  • "Why aren't different sports getting looked at based on levels of risk?"
  • "Can you play two sports in the same season?"
  • "Why are you doing what you're doing?"
  • "Has the waiver idea been put into any consideration?"
  • "What are your thoughts about the whole situation?"