Field hockey schools come to a consensus, decide to play the sport in Season C

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Following a series of meetings over multiple days this week, the 15 schools that play field hockey came to a consensus decision on Friday that the sport would play in Season C next spring. The opportunity to have a collective start, a competitive season, and a celebratory culminating event outweighed any benefit that would have come from being split into two seasons.

The administrators from the field hockey schools met because the door was opened for the sport to be played this fall as part of Season A, if schools elected to. The schools held hours of serious discussions weighing the opportunities each season would present. Though some schools wanted to play in Season A, the group ultimately decided together that playing in Season C is field hockey's best opportunity for these student-athletes and the sport.

The primary reason is deciding to play as one.

"We met for two days, for more than four hours, as a group," said Justin Saylor, the CHSAA assistant commissioner in charge of field hockey. "At the end of the day, all 15 field hockey programs felt that it was best for the sport of field hockey to move forward and play in Season C to remain together as a collective."

Season C is set to begin practice on March 1, 2021.