Remarks from Gov. Jared Polis on resumption of high school sports

(Jesse Paul/Flickr)

During a press conference held on Tuesday afternoon, Gov. Jared Polis spoke about on CHSAA's release of the 2020-21 sports calendar, and the resumption of high school sports.

Gov. Jared Polis: "The last official high school sports competition was March 12. I was glad that CHSAA announced today that they are going to get every high school sports event in this season. And I plan to attend the very first high school sports competition when that occurs, we hope, in the coming weeks. Really an important milestone for high school athletes.

"Now just like professional athletes which we're all watching, and just like college athletics, it's not going to look like any other season. Obviously, if there's a Coronavirus outbreak on a team or at a school or on a team, there will be scheduling changes, there will be games missed, but at least for that meaningful experience that sports brings ... I'm glad that the high school youth sports are going to be back. I'm glad that they are able to do every sport.

"And, of course, just like professional sports, it's not going to be like every other season, but they will have their championships, they will have their shortened seasons, they will have their practices, and the kids will be able to participate in that.

"And that's really an important part of our society. And I want to applaud CHSAA for moving forward with youth sports in high school for this year in Colorado in a safe way that makes sure that we can engage youth, and we do it in a way that doesn't jeopardize a major setback for our state with regard to where we are for Coronavirus."