Frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and the spring season

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The CHSAA office has found a few frequent topics when answering questions about the COVID-19 pandemic and the spring season.

So, we created a page dedicated to the latest information about the Coronavirus and included a list of Frequently Asked Questions. That page is here, and will be updated with the latest information, should updates be needed.

Commissioner Rhonda Blanford-Green answered these frequent questions, and we are also publishing them below.

Why hasn't the Commissioner made the decision to cancel spring sports?

We understand how extremely tough this is for our activity and athletic participants, especially graduating seniors, coaches and their school communities. We continue to extend dates aligned with restrictions, mandates and recommendations from state and health officials.

There are many factors that would need to be considered after the most recent extension of suspending spring sports to April 30. The primary factor in a decision like that will be a guarantee to our Association that activities can be conducted statewide without jeopardizing the safety of not only our students but our officials, coaches, staffs, volunteers and spectators. We are not confident that an assurance like that will be forthcoming after the 30th.

Our country and our state continue to adjust as they work to find answers and mitigate the spread of the virus. We don't want to give false hope. Resuming spring activities and athletics statewide due to safety concerns does not appear promising.

May students have contact with coaches during this time?

We strongly encourage virtual contact by coaches and administrators to check on the well-being of their students as well as to upload workouts, but we have not permitted voluntary team workouts, rehearsals, or tryouts due to the direct or indirect implications of a mandatory participation by the students.

We need to be focused on our "Why", which is ensuring that our students are navigating this disruption without pressure.

Some school districts have closed. How does that affect the spring season?

State, health and educational mandates and recommendations will take precedence in discussions leading to April 30. The cancellation of in-building instruction and athletics, as well as the closure of many HS and collegiate facilities will definitely be considered.

Will the summer be a consideration for the spring season?

If statewide spring activities and athletics are cancelled, we would not conduct a summer season outside of the educational construct. If the spring season is cancelled and once the defined school year ends, no events would be conducted.

This is not about creativity or an unwillingness to think outside the box. Our staff does that very well when inclement weather or facility availability disrupts an event.

This is a statewide health emergency and a statewide safety situation, and as a result a potential cancellation would end of the season.

Can students and/or coaches have access to school facilities during the moratorium?

No, per the Governor's executive order all school facilities must remain closed through April 30.