CLOC notebook: Unified bowling, girls wrestling and boys volleyball get thumbs up

(Ryan Casey/

AURORA — The three pilot sports were each given a positive review by the CLOC committee, checking off another step as they seek official CHSAA sanctioning.

Unified bowling, girls wrestling and boys volleyball each presented to the Classification and League Organizing and Appeals Committee on Tuesday, and each were given a thumbs up to continue their quest for sanctioning.

Per CHSAA bylaws, pilot sports must be approved by various committees along the road to sanctioning. Already, the three pilot sports have received positive reviews from the Equity Committee and the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee.

The next steps are approval by the CHSAA Board of Directors, and, if approved there, a vote by the member schools at the Legislative Council. Both of those meetings are in April.

In order to be voted on by the Legislative Council, a league must sponsor a bylaw proposal — something that is expected to happen for all three sports.

If any (or all) of the sports are sanctioned, the first official season would be in the 2020-21 school year.

New schools approved for membership

The committee approve three schools for new membership into CHSAA:

  • Addenbrooke Classical Academy in Lakewood
  • Banning Lewis Prep Academy in Colorado Springs
  • Denver School of Science & Technology: Conservatory Green in Denver

All three schools would participate at the 2A or 3A level.

If approved by the Legislative Council in April, this would bring CHSAA's membership to 362 schools.