Nutrition tips from Dairy MAX

Dairy MAX is a proud sponsor of the CHSAA and student-athletes in Colorado.


Exercise and hydration: Beat the heat

Each season and sport brings its own set of challenges – summer athletics and hot weather conditions require careful thought about body temperature regulation and adequate fluid intake, in addition to the nutritional considerations for peak athletic performance.
Smart snacking to fuel athletics

Smart snacking to fuel athletics

As an athlete, your calorie needs are ramped up slightly, which means proper meal planning should always carefully include refueling with nutritious snacks.

Fueling right for spring sports

With the days getting longer and the trees and plants beginning to bud out, springtime is officially here. And with it comes more time outdoors as spring sports kick into high gear.

Fuel your morning with protein and nilk

While it remains to be debated which meal is the most important of the day, there is no debating the fact that breakfast is essential for athletes who are looking to perform at their peak.
Milk drives Widefield cross country teams to state

Milk drives Widefield cross country teams to state

For over a decade, Widefield High School Cross-Country Team has enjoyed chocolate milk after the hardest workouts of the week – a favorite beverage of the athletes that has even become a major recruiting tool for the team.