2018-19 Les Schwab Academic Award winners

The winners of the 2018-19 Les Schwab Academic Team Championship Award. This list will be updated after each sport season.

Criteria for the Award, nomination periods, and a submission form is available here.

Winter Winners
School Sport Class
Colorado Springs Christian Speech (Festival) 3A
Silver Creek Speech (Festival) 4A
Salida Girls Swimming 3A
Silver Creek Girls Swimming 4A
Mountain Vista Girls Swimming 5A
Durango Girls Skiing 3A
Clear Creek Girls Skiing 5A
Durango Boys Skiing 3A
Clear Creek Boys Skiing 5A
Platte Valley Wrestling 3A
Coronado Wrestling 4A
Grand Junction Wrestling 5A
Mullen Ice Hockey 5A
Haxtun Boys Basketball 1A
Vail Christian Boys Basketball 2A
Platte Valley Boys Basketball 3A
Longmont Boys Basketball 4A
Fruita Monument Boys Basketball 5A
Cotopaxi Girls Basketball 1A
Burlington Girls Basketball 2A
Platte Valley Girls Basketball 3A
Palisade Girls Basketball 4A
Pueblo West Girls Basketball 4A
Ralston Valley Girls Basketball 5A
Air Academy Speech (Tournament) 4A
Grand Junction Central Speech (Tournament) 5A
Winter Non-Winning Schools
School Sport Class
Stargate School Speech (Festival) 3A
Pagosa Springs Girls Swimming 3A
Conifer Girls Swimming 3A
Golden Girls Swimming 4A
Mullen Girls Swimming 4A
Longmont Girls Swimming 4A
Loveland Girls Swimming 4A
Grand Junction Girls Swimming 4A
Pine Creek Girls Swimming 4A
Windsor Girls Swimming 4A
Ralston Valley Girls Swimming 5A
Fruita Monument Girls Swimming 5A
Columbine Girls Swimming 5A
Liberty Girls Swimming 5A
Lakewood Girls Swimming 5A
Mullen Wrestling 3A
Gilpin Boys Basketball 2A
Limon Boys Basketball 2A
Rocky Ford Boys Basketball 2A
Clear Creek Boys Basketball 2A
Telluride Boys Basketball 2A
Fowler Boys Basketball 2A
Hayden Boys Basketball 2A
Holyoke Boys Basketball 2A
Arrupe Jesuit Boys Basketball 3A
Sterling Boys Basketball 3A
Resurrection Christian Boys Basketball 3A
The Vanguard School Boys Basketball 3A
Rifle Boys Basketball 4A
Palisade Boys Basketball 4A
Sangre de Cristo Girls Basketball 1A
Elbert Girls Basketball 1A
McClave Girls Basketball 1A
Kiowa Girls Basketball 1A
North Park Girls Basketball 1A
Fleming Girls Basketball 1A
Otis Girls Basketball 1A
Weldon Valley Girls Basketball 1A
Haxtun Girls Basketball 1A
Evangelical Christian Girls Basketball 1A
Highland Girls Basketball 2A
Rye Girls Basketball 2A
Meeker Girls Basketball 2A
Hayden Girls Basketball 2A
Holyoke Girls Basketball 2A
Fowler Girls Basketball 2A
Yuma Girls Basketball 2A
Soroco Girls Basketball 2A
Limon Girls Basketball 2A
Mancos Girls Basketball 2A
Vail Christian Girls Basketball 2A
Clear Creek Girls Basketball 2A
Resurrection Christian Girls Basketball 3A
Brush Girls Basketball 3A
Stargate Girls Basketball 3A
Olathe Girls Basketball 3A
Salida Girls Basketball 3A
Arrupe Jesuit Girls Basketball 3A
Frontier Academy Girls Basketball 3A
Lamar Girls Basketball 3A
The Academy Girls Basketball 3A
Colorado Springs Christian Girls Basketball 3A
Riverdale Ridge Girls Basketball 3A
The Vanguard School Girls Basketball 3A
Pagosa Springs Girls Basketball 3A
Sterling Girls Basketball 3A
Silver Creek Girls Basketball 4A
The Classical Academy Girls Basketball 4A
Air Academy Girls Basketball 4A
Longmont Girls Basketball 4A
Fort Morgan Girls Basketball 4A
Littleton Girls Basketball 4A
Rifle Girls Basketball 4A
Mullen Girls Basketball 4A
Ponderosa Girls Basketball 4A
Skyline Girls Basketball 4A
D'Evelyn Girls Basketball 4A
Niwot Girls Basketball 4A
Rock Canyon Girls Basketball 5A
Windsor Girls Basketball 5A
Grand Junction Girls Basketball 5A
Pine Creek Girls Basketball 5A
Fruita Monument Girls Basketball 5A
Loveland Girls Basketball 5A
Fairview Girls Basketball 5A
Columbine Girls Basketball 5A
Palisade Speech (Tournament) 4A
Widefield Speech (Tournament) 4A
Cherry Creek Speech (Tournament) 5A
Fall Winners
School Sport Class
The Classical Academy Boys Golf 3A
Golden Boys Golf 4A
Grandview Boys Golf 5A
Silver Creek Boys Tennis 4A
Grandview Boys Tennis 5A
Burlington Softball 2A
Brush Softball 3A
Silver Creek Softball 4A
Rock Canyon Softball 5A
Arapahoe Field Hockey 5A
Byers Boys Cross Country 2A
Frontier Academy Boys Cross Country 3A
Green Mountain Boys Cross Country 4A
Loveland Boys Cross Country 5A
Clear Creek Girls Cross Country 2A
Estes Park Girls Cross Country 3A
Green Mountain Girls Cross Country 4A
Arapahoe Girls Cross Country 5A
Pawnee Student Leadership 1A
Rocky Ford Jr/Sr Student Leadership 2A
Air Academy Student Leadership 4A
Loveland Student Leadership 5A
Evangelical Christian Academy Boys Soccer 2A
Salida Boys Soccer 3A
Silver Creek Boys Soccer 4A
Ralston Valley Boys Soccer 5A
Sangre De Cristo Volleyball 1A
Burlington Volleyball 2A
Platte Valley Volleyball 3A
Air Academy Volleyball 4A
Grand Junction Volleyball 5A
Alamosa Gymnastics 3A
Niwot Gymnastics 4A
Columbine Gymnastics 5A
Arvada West Football 5A
Burlington Spirit - Cheer 2A
The Academy Spirit - Cheer 3A
The Classical Academy Spirit - Cheer 4A
Liberty Spirit - Cheer 5A
Clear Creek Spirit - Dance 2A
Rock Canyon Spirit - Dance 5A
Fall Non-Winning Schools
School Sport Class
Palisade Boys Golf 4A
Ralston Valley Boys Golf 5A
Pine Creek Boys Golf 5A
Fruita Monument Boys Golf 5A
Air Academy Boys Tennis 4A
Golden Boys Tennis 4A
Longmont Boys Tennis 4A
Fruita Monument Boys Tennis 5A
Grand Junction Boys Tennis 5A
Pine Creek Boys Tennis 5A
Mullen Boys Tennis 5A
Arapahoe Boys Tennis 5A
Columbine Boys Tennis 5A
Ralston Valley Boys Tennis 5A
Horizon Boys Tennis 5A
Windsor Boys Tennis 5A
Holyoke Softball 2A
Meeker Softball 2A
Rocky Ford Junior Senior Softball 3A
Alamosa Softball 3A
Sterling Softball 3A
Lamar Softball 3A
Air Academy Softball 4A
Niwot Softball 4A
Conifer Softball 4A
Fruita Monument Softball 5A
Mullen Softball 5A
Ralston Valley Softball 5A
Windsor Softball 5A
Denver South Softball 5A
Pine Creek Softball 5A
Columbine Softball 5A
Liberty Field Hockey 5A
Clear Creek Boys Cross Country 2A
Mancos Boys Cross Country 2A
Resurrection Christian School Boys Cross Country 3A
The Classical Academy Boys Cross Country 3A
Estes Park Boys Cross Country 3A
Brush Boys Cross Country 3A
Colorado Springs Christian Schools Boys Cross Country 3A
Salida Boys Cross Country 3A
Niwot Boys Cross Country 4A
Palisade Boys Cross Country 4A
Silver Creek Boys Cross Country 4A
Widefield Boys Cross Country 4A
Fort Morgan Boys Cross Country 4A
Air Academy Boys Cross Country 4A
Golden Boys Cross Country 4A
Windsor Boys Cross Country 4A
Columbine Boys Cross Country 5A
Arapahoe Boys Cross Country 5A
Fruita Monument Boys Cross Country 5A
Denver South Boys Cross Country 5A
Grand Junction Boys Cross Country 5A
Ralston Valley Boys Cross Country 5A
Liberty Boys Cross Country 5A
Palmer Boys Cross Country 5A
Lakewood Boys Cross Country 5A
Mancos Girls Cross Country 2A
Rifle Girls Cross Country 3A
Resurrection Christian School Girls Cross Country 3A
Brush Girls Cross Country 3A
Frontier Academy Girls Cross Country 3A
Olathe Girls Cross Country 3A
Salida Girls Cross Country 3A
The Classical Academy Girls Cross Country 3A
Colorado Springs Christian Schools Girls Cross Country 3A
Stargate Girls Cross Country 3A
Silver Creek Girls Cross Country 4A
Widefield Girls Cross Country 4A
Conifer Girls Cross Country 4A
Golden Girls Cross Country 4A
Palisade Girls Cross Country 4A
Windsor Girls Cross Country 4A
Longmont Girls Cross Country 4A
Standley Lake HS Girls Cross Country 4A
Niwot Girls Cross Country 4A
Air Academy Girls Cross Country 4A
Fort Morgan Girls Cross Country 4A
Denver South Girls Cross Country 5A
Fruita Monument Girls Cross Country 5A
Ralston Valley Girls Cross Country 5A
Columbine Girls Cross Country 5A
Horizon Girls Cross Country 5A
Loveland Girls Cross Country 5A
Lakewood Girls Cross Country 5A
Palmer Girls Cross Country 5A
Arvada West Girls Cross Country 5A
Doherty Girls Cross Country 5A
Pine Creek Girls Cross Country 5A
Liberty Girls Cross Country 5A
Silver Creek Student Leadership 4A
Golden Student Leadership 4A
Pine Creek Student Leadership 5A
Liberty Student Leadership 5A
Air Academy Boys Soccer 4A
Durango Boys Soccer 4A
Fleming Volleyball 1A
Evangelical Christian Academy Volleyball 1A
Flagler/Hi-Plains Cooperative Volleyball 1A
Yuma Volleyball 2A
Fowler Volleyball 2A
Holyoke Volleyball 2A
Byers Volleyball 2A
Wiggins Volleyball 2A
Rocky Ford Junior Senior Volleyball 2A
Gilpin Volleyball 2A
Centauri Volleyball 3A
The Vanguard School Volleyball 3A
Salida Volleyball 3A
Colorado Springs Christian Schools Volleyball 3A
Frontier Academy Volleyball 3A
Lamar Volleyball 3A
Palisade Volleyball 4A
Fort Morgan Volleyball 4A
Holy Family Volleyball 4A
Niwot Volleyball 4A
Longmont Volleyball 4A
Rifle Volleyball 4A
Golden Volleyball 4A
Durango Volleyball 4A
Widefield Volleyball 4A
Mullen Volleyball 5A
Arvada West Volleyball 5A
Windsor Volleyball 5A
Ralston Valley Volleyball 5A
Pine Creek Volleyball 5A
Liberty Volleyball 5A
Fruita Monument Volleyball 5A
Loveland Gymnastics 4A
Fort Morgan Gymnastics 4A
Grandview Gymnastics 5A
Arvada West Gymnastics 5A
Columbine Spirit (Dance) 5A