CHSAA hosts virtual student leadership conference

Over 100 student leadership advisers and students took part in today’s virtual conference.

The conference, which helps student leaders to prepare for the upcoming school year, was a great opportunity to gather advisers, students, our state representatives, and some high school administrators to talk about growing campus culture, building student/staff recognition events, and promoting new activities.

Students began the day by listening to opening remarks by CHSAA associate commissioner Tom Robinson, who talked about what it means to be a leader, recognizing role models and creating a great environment for all.

James Layman, Director of the Association of Washington Student Leaders, was the keynote speaker. Layman talked to the group about multiple areas of growth, opening his presentation by telling student leaders, “Y’all are awesome!”

Layman also encouraged the audience members to "think about what they want their school to feel like" as they create their events and activities. There were moments of comedy as Layman told students not to compare this year to a tortilla chip; a reference to a personal story he shared. One of the key questions he asked attendees to think about was “what if we treated the past 16 months as the greatest opportunity you’ve ever had?”

Following the keynote, students and advisers participated in a workshop in a series of breakout sessions. Topics included everything from school spirit (post-COVID), effective leadership, amplifying student voice, to promotive a positive and inclusive school climate.

Outgoing student leadership committee chair and newly hired CHSAA activities director Rashaan Davis thanked the attendees for all of their hard work over the past few months and reminded them that it would be important to reach out to the incoming freshmen and current sophomores to help them grow back the climate of the building. Davis also thanked the Student Leadership Committee and incoming chairperson, Alice Stoneback (Manitou Springs High School), for continuing to make student leadership a priority.

Looking ahead, there will be more information coming out about student leadership events, including Fall Summits, Advisory University, and next summer’s conference.