CHSAA pursuing expanded games for all season D Sports

All-City Field baseball


The following statement is from an email sent by CHSAA to member schools late yesterday:

… as the state restrictions are being lifted, the CHSAA is communicating directly with OCR (Office of Civil Rights) to receive a finalized statement on what can be done to provide an across-the-board increase in games, meets, events for all Season D participants. If given the green light to increase opportunities for students participating in Season D, in all spring sports cancelled in 2020, the Commissioner will seek that opportunity. We are discussing a 10% or 15% regular season increase. This would be a minimum of 1 or 2 regular season games, meets, matches, etc. The current calendar will not allow for a full season, extended play-off formats or increased qualifiers. I am at the place of “what can we do” to provide this opportunity for all SEASON D participants aligned with recent state and local health decisions to dial back statewide restrictions.

CHSAA administrators will communicate any changes once confirmed with OCR. We are very mindful of the schedules that may have been completed but state decisions to dial back some of the restrictions allows administrators to be conscious of what this addition would mean to our Season D student participants.