Q&A – CHSAA Solo & Ensemble Festival #1 March 1-5, 2021

Our goal is to provide an educationally based opportunity for all music students and directors across the state. Directors are encouraged to use these ratings as an evaluation tool for their administration, and students will be motivated to work towards improvement during these untraditional times.

This list will be updated as questions are asked. Please reach out to Bethany or Sandra at CHSAA with specific questions or comments. We look forward to having you and your students participate!

  1. All ages are welcome (elementary through high school). Sign-ups must be made through the school’s music director, and not individual students/parents/private teachers.
  2. In order to be eligible, students must be an active member of their local school’s music program (as determined by the school).
  3. Memorization is recommended, but not required for any events.
  4. Due to COVID-19 difficulties, canned accompanist is allowed, if necessary.
  5. At the time of performance (audition is the word that HeartOut uses) (March 1-5), students will be required to announce the title and composer of the piece(s) they will be playing. They will then be required to hold up their music in front of their faces for three (3) seconds to verify they are performing from non-photocopied sheet music.
  6. At the time of registration, directors will be required to verify that they are obeying all copyright laws.
  7. A director may conduct their ensemble, if necessary.
  8. Solos and ensembles (up to 16 students) allowed. Events are Vocal, High Brass (trumpet/French horn), Low Brass (trombone, baritone, tuba), High String (violin, viola), Low String (cello, bass), Piano, Percussion, Flute, Saxophone, Woodwind (clarinet, oboe, bassoon), Mixed Ensembles, Guitar, and Ukulele.
  9. There is no required music list. Music must be festival appropriate.
  10. At the time of registration you do not need to select the music or indicate what you will be playing! Just sign up to reserve your spot. You don’t have to select music until January.
  11. Solos and ensembles with 10 people or less will be $10/entry. Ensembles with 11-16 students will be $15/entry.
  12. After the deadline, there will be no refunds of money.
  13. Students will have a week (Monday, March 1 to Friday, March 5) to upload their performance(s). Performances can be up to 10 minutes.
  14. If schools or districts don’t feel comfortable with students uploading the performance/audition themselves, directors can submit the performance on the student or ensembles behalf!
  15. All uploads will be made using the free HeartOut app from the GooglePlay or App Store. When students are ready to record their final performance, they will have 3 opportunities. They will then be able to upload their best performance to be judged.
  16. Judges will provide ratings and comments within the app during the weekend of March 6-7 2021, and feedback should be ready for the students on Monday, March 8.
  17. Ratings will be based upon 5 categories, worth 10 points each.
  18. Students and schools will be able to order medals through CMEA based upon the ratings they receive during our festival. All award orders can be placed by going to the CMEA web site at cmeaonline.org, clicking on the General Information Tab and Clicking on the Order CMEA Awards Tab. All transactions can be completed on-line, including credit card payment. Do you have questions regarding CMEA awards? You can direct those questions to CMEA Awards Manager- Ken Anderson at awardscmeaonline@gmail.com
  19. HeartOut’s Privacy Policy is excellent and has been reviewed by the CHSAA Legal Team to ensure compliance and safety. It may be found HERE.
  20. Judges will be used from across the state, and even country. A CHSAA adjudicator training will occur in December to review expectations, new rating sheets, and ensure that all students will have a positive experience at our festivals.