Cherry Creek's Myles Purchase displayed some of the best football ability in the state

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Myles Purchase didn't see the offensive side of the ball until the final two games of the season. It seems like a silly notion, ridiculous even, that someone with the talent level of Purchase was contained to one side of the ball.

But the thing is, he was really good at what he did. Purchase grew up loving the game and played running back all the way through his freshman year. But as a sophomore, when he made his way onto the Cherry Creek varsity roster, his focused shifted to defense.

Three seasons later, Purchase ended his career as a two-time Class 5A state champion and the 2020 5A player of the year. That path began when the 2018 season began and purchase was lined up at cornerback.

"In the summer going into my sophomore year I started transitioning into a defensive back," Purchase said. "I started talking to the defensive coordinator about playing corner and I ended up starting my first varsity game as a corner in my sophomore year."

It didn't take long for him to get noticed. He ended the season picking off six passes, three of which came in a playoff win over Ralston Valley.

He became more of a threat in his junior year when he recorded four pick-sixes. Not only was he creating turnovers, he was directly turning them into points. At that point he also started contributing on the offensive side of the ball as he rushed for 125 yards and three touchdown through the course of the season.

"There are some really good football players in the state, but I think Myles Purchase is the best all-around football player in the state of Colorado," Cherry Creek coach Dave Logan said prior to the state championship game. "I've coached him for four years and there's not a lot that he can't do."

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Purchase scored the first two touchdowns for Cherry Creek in the 21-0 win over Valor Christian. He rushed for 153 yards, showing the full depth of his versatility on the football field.

"It feels good to be able to make plays on the other side of the ball," Purchase said.

It's likely his future coaches at Iowa State were paying attention on that particular day. Despite his level of ability and the fact that in-state coaches were constantly looking at players within the Bruins' program, Purchase wasn't a high priority.

His dream going up was to play college football at the University of Colorado where his dad, Brian, was a student-athlete. But he wasn't getting any attention from Boulder or Fort Collins. Rather than dwelling, he simply moved on with his life.

"They really didn't take the time to recruit me," Purchase said. "I had to look past them."

His excitement about playing at Iowa State is clear when he talks about his football future. Playing in three state championship games and winning two of them was a big boost to his his resumé, but he still feels he has so much to prove at the next level.

"Anyone in the world would want to be in my position, to prove people wrong, and make big time plays in a big time conference" he said. "I just can't wait to put my skill set on showcase in Ames. It's a big opportunity and I can't wait to get out there."

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