Future home sites for playoff football games on Nov. 27-28

Valor Christian Grandview football

(Steve Oathout)

The following information shows the designated home team for potential playoff football matchups to be completed by Saturday, Nov. 28.

In all classes except for 5A, the team with the fewer number of home games will host in the semifinals. If both teams have the same number of home games, the higher seed will host.

In 5A, the higher seed will host regardless of number of home games.

Semifinal home games

Key: Home games - Fewest home playoff games; Higher seed - The highest seeded team.

Class 5A
Potential Matchup Type Host
(1) Cherry Creek vs. (4) Pomona Higher Seed Cherry Creek
(1) Cherry Creek vs. (5) Eaglecrest Higher Seed Cherry Creek
(8) Regis Jesuit vs. (4) Pomona Higher Seed Pomona
(8) Regis Jesuit vs. (5) Eaglecrest Higher Seed Eaglecrest
(2) Valor Christian vs. (3) Legend Higher Seed Valor Christian
(2) Valor Christian vs. (6) Fairview Higher Seed Valor Christian
(7) Cherokee Trail vs. (3) Legend Higher Seed Legend
(7) Cherokee Trail vs. (6) Fairview Higher Seed Fairview
Class 4A
Potential Matchup Type Host
(1) Dakota Ridge vs. (4) Loveland Higher Seed Dakota Ridge
(1) Dakota Ridge vs. (5) Broomfield Home Games Broomfield
(8) Montrose vs. (4) Loveland Home Games Montrose
(8) Montrose vs. (5) Broomfield Higher Seed Broomfield
(2) Palmer Ridge vs. (3) Ponderosa Higher Seed Palmer Ridge
(2) Palmer Ridge vs. (6) Fountain-Fort Carson Home Games Fountain-Fort Carson
(7) Pine Creek vs. (3) Ponderosa Home Games Pine Creek
(7) Pine Creek vs. (6) Fountain-Fort Carson Higher Seed Fountain-Fort Carson
Class 3A
Potential Matchup Type Host
(1) Roosevelt vs. (4) Pueblo South Higher Seed Roosevelt
(8) Fort Morgan vs. (4) Pueblo South Home Games Fort Morgan
(2) Holy Family vs. (3) Durango Higher Seed Holy Family
(2) Holy Family vs. (6) Lutheran Home Games Lutheran
(7) Evergreen vs. (3) Durango Home Games Evergreen
(7) Evergreen vs. (6) Lutheran Higher Seed Lutheran
Class 2A
Potential Matchup Type Host
(1) Resurrection Christian vs. (4) Pagosa Springs Higher Seed Resurrection Christian
(1) Resurrection Christian vs. (5) Eaton Home Games Eaton
(8) Moffat County vs. (4) Pagosa Springs Home Games Moffat County
(8) Moffat County vs. (5) Eaton Higher Seed Eaton
(2) Sterling vs. (3) Platte Valley Higher Seed Sterling
(2) Sterling vs. (6) Delta Home Games Delta
(7) Lamar vs. (3) Platte Valley Home Games Lamar
(7) Lamar vs. (6) Delta Higher Seed Delta
Class 1A
Potential Matchup Type Host
(1) Limon vs. (4) Wray Higher Seed Limon
(1) Limon vs. (5) Hotchkiss Home Games Hotchkiss
(8) Holyoke vs. (4) Wray Home Games Holyoke
(8) Holyoke vs. (5) Hotchkiss Higher Seed Hotchkiss
(2) Strasburg vs. (3) Florence Higher Seed Strasburg
(2) Strasburg vs. (6) Centauri Home Games Centauri
(7) Meeker vs. (3) Florence Home Games Meeker
(7) Meeker vs. (6) Centauri Higher Seed Centauri
Potential Matchup Type Host
(1) Sedgwick County vs. (4) Dove Creek Higher Seed Sedgwick County
(1) Sedgwick County vs. (5) Rangely Home Games Rangely
(8) Crowley County vs. (4) Dove Creek Home Games Crowley County
(8) Crowley County vs. (5) Rangely Higher Seed Rangely
(2) Sanford vs. (3) Fowler Higher Seed Sanford
(2) Sanford vs. (6) Merino Home Games Merino
(7) Mancos vs. (3) Fowler Home Games Mancos
(7) Mancos vs. (6) Merino Higher Seed Merino
Potential Matchup Type Host
(1) Fleming vs. (4) Granada Higher Seed Fleming
(1) Fleming vs. (5) Eads Home Games Eads
(8) Kit Carson vs. (4) Granada Home Games Kit Carson
(8) Kit Carson vs. (5) Eads Higher Seed Eads
(2) Stratton/Liberty vs. (3) Cheyenne Wells Higher Seed Stratton/Liberty
(2) Stratton/Liberty vs. (6) Prairie Home Games Prairie
(7) Briggsdale vs. (3) Cheyenne Wells Home Games Briggsdale
(7) Briggsdale vs. (6) Prairie Higher Seed Prairie