Gov. Polis: "We would be thrilled to work with" CHSAA on a fall football season

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Gov. Jared Polis said his office would be "thrilled" about working with CHSAA to make a fall football season a reality.

During a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, the Governor directly addressed the possibility of a high school football season this fall.

"We would be thrilled to work with (CHSAA) to make that happen, for the districts that are ready to go," Polis said. "I think there's some opportunity to have a fall season for those who are ready.

"Clearly returning to in-classroom instruction should be the priority," Polis added. "Districts that aren't even back in the classroom, and aren't running busses, they want to provide the football experience, but many of them won't be ready until Season C in the spring."

Polis said that he would like to keep in tact "a Season C option for the districts that aren't yet ready to move forward." That could potentially mean having a season for some schools in the fall, and another season for other schools in the spring.

Later, in responding to a question about football, Polis said that a fall season was "absolutely" an option.

"If there are schools and districts that are ready to move forward with fall football, and can implement that quickly, we want to encourage CHSAA to allow for that, as long as they are running an analogous process in the C season for districts and teams that are not ready to compete in the A season," Polis said.

The CHSAA office will provide an update when available.