Cross country practice begins Wednesday; competition can start Saturday

Dave Sanders cross country invite

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AURORA — All sports in Season A are now underway with the start of boy and girls cross country practice on Wednesday.

Teams can begin competition on Saturday. They will wrap up their regular season on Oct. 3, and regionals by Oct. 10. The state meet is scheduled for Oct. 17.

Of course, the season will look different due to modifications which align with current COVID-19 guidelines from the state.

The number of regular season meets has been reduced from 11 to 7. During the regular season, 3A-5A teams can run seven runners, with five scoring. In 2A, they can run six and score four.

In the postseason, 2A teams will run five and score four, and 3A-5A will run six and score five.

No JV or open races are permitted to be run at varsity meets, but schools can host a JV meet or an open race separate from the varsity meet.

The biggest change is the number of athletes permitted at each meet. During the regular season, 50 athletes per gender are allowed, and they must start in waves of no more than 25.

At regionals, 75 athletes per gender will be allowed. At the state meet, 100 athletes per gender, per classification are allowed.

Also playing in Season A are boys golf, boys tennis and softball.

All other sports will begin after Jan. 4 as part of the modified 2020-21 sports calendar.