Dutch Clark among favorite Colorado high school sports venues

Pueblo South Wheat Ridge football

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Throughout the state of Colorado there are countless high school sports venues, each of which provide a unique atmosphere.

It's part of what makes the preps level something truly special in the scope of all sports. With athletics on all levels on a current hiatus, a fun thought entered my head. What's everyone's favorite spot to play, coach or cover?

The responses made for great interaction and representation from across the state.

Pueblo's Dutch Clark Stadium a popular choice

The home of the Bell and Canon games, Dutch Clark Stadium has a storied history when it comes to Colorado high school athletics. It was a popular choice for media and athletes alike.

Other football venues:

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The Pit in Yuma among basketball's favorites

Perhaps one of the most underrated venues in the state resides in the eastern plains. So many schools provide so many enclosed gym atmospheres but a couple of quick answers might put Yuma's put on our must-see venues for future games.

Other basketball venues:

Like teams of all levels, everyone is fond of their own baseball fields. While there are several throughout the state, many of which offer outstanding views, those that are close to home tend to be classified as favorites. And they're all worth highlighting.

Other contributions

Everyone has their thoughts and there are always going to be venues that stick out in everyone's mind.