Commissioner's update: What's next as we adjust to a new normal

Rhonda Blanford-Green

(Ryan Casey/

The following message was sent to all CHSAA schools on Thursday morning.


There are so many inspiring words and letters out there to tell us to hang in there, we are together, this will pass. Although I read them and believe, there is still this vague and hollow place that says, "What’s next?"

Many decisions to make and once made, I return to that place: "What's next?"

I understand and want to provide you with definitive answers but many next steps are out of our control. Our state and health officials have been thoughtful at keeping us in the loop on decisions that are forthcoming which alter decisions we are making at the Association level daily — sometimes hourly.

Our goal is to keep you informed without inundating you with each new announcement. I have had more Zooms, Go-To Meetings and conference calls in the last week than I have had in the last ten years. I am grateful that others outside the athletic world understand the importance and impact of our programs to the educational decisions that are being made, and have included us in their discussions.

We will get through this because of all the attributes we espouse as education-based leaders: Teamwork, perseverance, integrity, strong character, and, above all, understanding that we must lead and make decisions for something bigger than ourselves.

We won't have all the answers but the ones we give will be led by what we believe is best for the safety and well-being of those we are responsible to protect.

These decisions have been extremely difficult because unlike the decisions made on the professional and national level, our students and school communities aren't faceless ticket buyers. We are connected. We have been CHSAA participants, the seniors chasing gold, coaches with a dream, the parent wanting this experience for our kids.

These are unprecedented times that require us to embrace the emotions but make the best decisions while facing the unknowns.

As dedicated and servant leaders, I know you are reaching out to take care of your staffs and students, their lives have and are being disrupted. They need to know that you are there for them. We need to be intentional on checking on them and each other.

In the times of pondering What's next?, here's a gentle reminder as you adjust to your new normal: Please don’t forget to take care of YOU!