Recommendations on cold weather safety

Valor Christian Grandview football

(Steve Oathout)

With temperatures beginning to drop late into this fall season, the decision on whether or not to postpone games is a local-level decision.

To assist with that decision, the CHSAA staff, in conjunction with the Sports Medicine Committee, is sending out the following reminder to schools about their cold weather recommendations.

Cold Weather Recommendations
Wind Chill Temp. Modifications
30° & above Outside participation allowed with appropriate clothing
20°-29° Mandate additional protective clothing (hat, gloves). Provide re-warming facilities.
10°-19° Outside participation limited to 45 minutes. All participants must have appropriate clothing. Provide re-warming facilities.
9° or below Termination of all outside activities.

Again, any decision on whether or not to play a game is a local-level decision, and both schools should work in tandem to come to an agreement. 

Football has a rule limiting players to seven quarters in a week, and six quarters in three days. A week is defined as Thursday to Wednesday for the purposes of that rule.

Please see the SMAC Handbook's Cold Weather Protocols for more information. More information about Cold Weather Safety is available from the National Weather Service.