New tools available to aid in addressing poor fan sportsmanship at events

Fairview Boulder football

(Steve Oathout)

In an effort to address poor sportsmanship that can sometimes be exhibited in the stands at games, CHSAA this year is arming schools with more tools to target unruly fans.

The Association has created a set of posters and cards surrounding Venue Sportsmanship Expectations for schools, and they are available for download on the Sportsmanship page.

Modeled after the game expectations tools used by the Liberty Common and athletic director Dan Knab, the venue sportsmanship expectations from CHSAA can be used in gyms and field at sporting events throughout the year. The Association's vision is that the poster by placed somewhere near the venue's entry point.

The poster sets sportsmanship expectations that fans need to follow. It urges them to:

  • Cheer for their team, not against the opponent
  • Respect officials, coaches, players and one another
  • Not use foul language, or taunt in any form

Here is the poster, which is available to download as an 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 PDF.

In addition, the poster warns fans that the school administration will be using yellow and red cards to communicate poor behavior. Cards can be handed out in scenarios such as fans calling out individual players, coaches or officials on the field.

The yellow card asks the fan to rethink their actions, and warns them that a second card will result in their removal from the facility:

A red card indicates that the fan is being asked to leave the facility:

This new venue sportsmanship expectations will also be in place at all CHSAA state championship events beginning this season.