Remaining fall sports kick off practice en masse

Otis Akron Wiggins Byers volleyball

(Dustin Price/

AURORA — Monday means the start of practice for the nine remaining fall sports, following the lead of boys golf, which started practice a week ago.

Cross country, field hockey, football, gymnastics, boys soccer, softball, spirit, boys tennis and volleyball all begin practice on Monday. That means that all fall sports are now in action.

Boys golf started competition, as well, last week. Next up is boys tennis and softball, which both are allowed to scrimmage and hold contests on Thursday.

Cross country, field hockey, gymnastics, boys soccer, spirit and volleyball can scrimmage on Saturday, and hold contests a week from Thursday.

Football is permitted to scrimmage on Aug. 22. Week 1 games can begin on Aug. 29.

More important dates for the 2019-20 season can be found on the calendar.