All-state girls tennis teams for the 2019 season

The 2019 all-state girls tennis teams are presented by, and MaxPreps.

These teams were created based upon results at the state tournament.

The athletes who won championships at their classification were named players of the year. Coaches of the year were awarded to the coaches of championship teams.

Class 5A

5A girls tennis state tournament Valerie Negin Smoky Hill

(Ryan Casey/

Player of the year: Valerie Negin, Smoky Hill

Coach of the year: Chris Jacob, Cherry Creek

First Team
Name Year School Pos.
Valerie Negin Sophomore Smoky Hill 1S
Sophie Pearson Senior Fairview 1S
Alexis Bernthal Sophomore Fairview 2S
Sayuri Garud Senior Cherry Creek 3S
Halley Mackiernan Sophomore Cherry Creek 1D
Anna Fusaris Sophomore Cherry Creek 1D
Kaki Cantor Junior Cherry Creek 2D
Miranda Kawula Junior Cherry Creek 2D
Wesley Sternberg Freshman Chatfield 3D
Kaitlyn Speer Freshman Chatfield 3D
Ella Barclay Sophomore Cherry Creek 4D
Dahlia Rappaport Sophomore Cherry Creek 4D

Class 4A

(Dan Mohrmann/

Player of the year: Lucy Lu, Niwot

Coach of the year: Dave Adams, Cheyenne Mountain

First Team
Name Year School Pos.
Lucy Lu Sophomore Niwot 1S
Josie Schaffer Senior Kent Denver 1S
Jensen Enterman Junior Cheyenne Mountain 2S
Tessa Rothwell Sophomore Palmer Ridge 3S
Emma Delich Sophomore Cheyenne Mountain 1D
Sydney Wagner Sophomore Cheyenne Mountain 1D
Maedee Trank-Green Junior Niwot 2D
Lily Sieben Junior Niwot 2D
Anna Sallee Freshman Niwot 3D
Georgia Lang Freshman Niwot 3D
Paige Shrader Freshman Windsor 4D
Emmy Butler Freshman Windsor 4D

Class 3A

(Adam Hothersall/

Player of the year: Trisha Somasundaram, Peak to Peak

Coach of the year: Eric Carlson, Peak to Peak

First Team
Name Year School Pos.
Trisha Somasundaram Senior Peak To Peak 1S
Mae Thorp Junior Steamboat Springs 1S
Trini Somasundaram Senior Peak To Peak 2S
Elizabeth van der Torre Senior University 3S
Olivia Sanders Senior D'Evelyn 1D
Emily Reschl Senior D'Evelyn 1D
Sarah Devereux Senior Dawson 2D
Julia Garfinkel Senior Dawson 2D
Maria Christofferson Freshman D'Evelyn 3D
Maddie Dietzler Freshman D'Evelyn 3D
Cheranne Wang Freshman D'Evelyn 4D
Ella Whatley Freshman D'Evelyn 4D