2019 Legislative Council meeting agenda, proposals and information

On April 24, the Legislative Council will meet in Denver. Below is information about the meeting, including links to the agenda and proposals that will be considered.

Where: Denver Marriott Tech Center (4900 S. Syracuse St., Denver)



Wednesday, April 24, 2018

  • 7:15-8 a.m. - Continental Breakfast
  • 8 a.m. - Meeting Convenes
  • 10:30 a.m. - Coffee/Tea/Soft Drink Break
  • 1 p.m. - Luncheon (Bud & Sharon retirement)

Action Items

Note: Constitutional Proposals require 2/3 vote for approval; Administrative and Athletic Proposals requires majority vote for approval, unless otherwise noted. A caret (^) indicates this proposal is pending approval from the Board of Directors.

CON 1 Students with Disabilities - Unified Sports (Board of Directors)
CON 2 Commissioner Delegation Clarification (Board of Directors)
ADM 1 Classification of Schools (Board of Directors)
ADM 2 Outside Payments (Board of Directors)
ADM 3 Winter Sports Regain Date (Board of Directors)
ADM 4 Eligibility Lists/Credit Definition Clarification (Board of Directors)
ADM 5 Age (Board of Directors)
ADM 6 Cooperative Programs Complete Competitive Cycle (Board of Directors)
ADM 7 Transfer – Add Exception (Board of Directors)
ADM 8 Transfer Eligibility–Non-Participation/Return to Original School (Board of Directors)
ADM 9 Transfer Eligibility – Delete 1800.44 (Board of Directors)
ADM 10 Transfer Eligibility – Boarding Schools (Board of Directors)
ADM 11 International Students (Board of Directors)
ADM 12 Amateur Status/Awards (Board of Directors)
ADM 13 NFHS National Championship Exceptions (Board of Directors)
ADM 14 Waiver for Non-Athletic Events - Sunday Contact (Board of Directors)
ADM 15 Sunday Contact Out of the Season (Board of Directors)
ADM 16 Clarifying Restriction on Teams & Coaches (Board of Directors)
ADM 17 Forfeiture Definition (Board of Directors)
ADM 18 Ineligible Participant/Forfeits (Board of Directors)
ADM 19 Clarifying Penalties and Application of Penalties (Board of Directors)
ATH 1 Spirit (Board of Directors)
ATH 2 Boys Volleyball^ (Centennial/Continental)
ATH 3 Unified Bowling^ (Denver Prep)
ATH 4 Girls Wrestling^ (Centennial/Continental)
ATH 5 Wrestling Season of Sport (Tri-Valley)
ATH 6 Golf Season of Sport (Tri-Valley/Northern)
ATH 7 Maximum Number of Track Meets (Jeffco)
ACT 1 Speech - Maximum Meets School (Centennital)
Junior High/Middle School Division

Action items — Committee reports

Note: Require majority vote for approval, unless otherwise noted. Those are noted with an asterisk (*), and require 2/3 vote approval.

Committee Reports
CR 1 Budget Report (Jim Thyfault)
CR 2 Classification and League Organizing Committee* (Randy Holmen)
  CR 2a Football (Continental)
  CR 2b Girls Lacrosse (Western Slope/Pikes Peak)
CR 3 Coaching Education Registration Advisory (CERAC) (Jesse Shawcroft)
CR 4 Equity (Martha Richards)
CR 5 Officials' Fees (Mike Book)
CR 6 Sportsmanship (Aaron Bravo)
CR 7 Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (Larry Bull)
CR 8 Tournament and Playoff Finance (David Walck)
CR 9 Music (Kevin Beaber)
CR 10 Speech (Christine Jones)
CR 11 Student Leadership (Rashaan Davis)
CR 12 Baseball (David Schuessler)
CR 13 Basketball (Sean O'Donnell)
CR 14 Cross Country (Rick Macias)
CR 15 Field Hockey (Richard Judd)
CR 16 Football (Chris Noll)
CR 17 Golf (Chris Cline)
CR 18 Gymnastics (Stacy Folmar)
CR 19 Ice Hockey (Larry Bull)
CR 20 Boys Lacrosse (Mark Kanagy)
CR 21 Girls Lacrosse (Richard Judd)
CR 22 Skiing (Adam Bright)
CR 23 Soccer (Dan Knab)
CR 24 Softball (Steve Longwell)
CR 25 Spirit (Kylie Russell)
CR 26 Swimming and Diving (Scott Cohen)
CR 27 Tennis (Ed Anderson)
CR 28 Track and Field (Darryl Abeyta)
  CR 28a Meet participation (Jeffco)
CR 28 Volleyball (Matt Heckel)
  CR 29a Default regional date (Southwestern)
CR 30 Wrestling (Vince Massey)

Board of Directors

  • New president: Troy Baker, Buena Vista HS.
  • Replacement for Rick Macias.
  • Replacement for Rick Mondt.
  • Replacement for Angie Sanders.