Regis Jesuit's Antonio Segura ends Pomona's Theorius Robison's bid for fourth wrestling title

DENVER — Antonio Segura and Theorius Robison were once teammates. And as Robison's legend grew at the state wrestling tournament, Segura just wanted an opportunity to see how he measured up against a childhood friend.

Turns out he measured up pretty well. Segura was methodical in his semifinal wrestling match against Pomona's Theorius Robison. And it paid off. Segura took the match to overtime and made a move to pin the three-time state champion.

"I wanted it there (in overtime)," Segura said. "I either wanted to win by points and not let him score or at the end of overtime. I knew he was strong on his feet and not very good top and bottom. My top is okay and I knew I could get away from him. I wasn't expecting to get the pin, but I felt it and knew I had to get it. I heard the time and I had to get the pin now or he could come back. He's done it before."

Segura took a 1-0 lead into the third period, but Robison quickly tied the match. They battled to a stalemate the remainder of the period before going into overtime.

The score went unchanged in the first minute and it was that first 30-second stretch after that Segura made his move. And what enabled him to do so was going into the match with no fear.

"If anything it was exciting," Segura said. "I've kind of been the low flower guy in the club and under his shadow and I saw him and knew it was time to make a name for myself and to be something."

Teammates as kids, Segura just wanted a chance to wrestle Robison. He never got the chance in practice and he's never been able to wrestle him in an official match.

But with the win on the floor at Pepsi Center, Segura received the loudest ovation of the entire semifinal round.

He plans keeping the respect of the thousands in attendance on Saturday when he goes for the Class 5A 145-pound championship.

"No disrespect to the other competitors, but their side didn't look as tough as my side, especially with the No. 1 seed," Segura said. "I'm feeling confident. No really cocky, but I'm feeling confident going into it."

Antonio Segura Regis Jesuit wrestling

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