Softball committee recommends new mercy rule, and a double bag at first base

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AURORA — During their meeting on Wednesday, the softball committee recommended a change to its mercy rule, and also the use of a double bag at first base.

As both would be state adoptions to the NFHS rules, they need to be approved by the Legislative Council during its April meeting, and then by the CHSAA Board of Directors. Both recommendations were unanimous votes by the committee.

Currently the mercy rule kicks in and ends a game when a team is leading by 20 runs after three innings, 15 after four, and 10 after five. The committee's recommendation is to change the rule so that a game would end if the following circumstances are met:

  • 15 runs after three innings
  • 12 runs after four innings
  • 10 runs after five innings

The recommendation was made with an eye towards sportsmanship.

The committee's second recommendation would have Colorado adopt the use of a second bag at first base. That recommendation was made with safety in mind, and help avoid injuries caused by collisions during plays at first base.

The traditional white bag would remain in place where it is, and would be used by the fielder during the game. A second orange bag would be placed directly to the right of the white bag in foul territory, and would be used by the batter during run-through plays at first base. If the batter uses the white bag on a run-through play, she would be called out.

Once on base, runners would use the white base.