Volleyball will use red, white and navy ball in 2019

(Ryan Casey/CHSAANow.com)

So long, all-white volleyball.

In 2019, the official ball for the sport in Colorado will be Wilson's K1 Gold ball, specifically the red, white and navy version of the ball. The volleyball committee voted to recommend that change during its meeting on Tuesday.

"This helps us modernize and get on par to where the NCAA and other leagues are at," said CHSAA assistant commissioner Bethany Brookens, who oversees volleyball.

Next season will be the first that the K1 Gold, a new and upgraded ball, is available from Wilson.

The volleyball committee selected a colored version of the ball, as opposed to the all-white ball, because of the feedback it received. The colored ball provides better visibility, especially in certain low-light gyms, and will help both players and officials during the course of matches.

The red, white and navy version also has the added bonus of matching the colors used on the courts at the state tournament at the Denver Coliseum.

The K1 Gold will be the official CHSAA ball in 2019. Teams are strongly encouraged to use it during the regular season. Its use will be mandated during the regional and state tournaments.