Coin flips: Future home sites for playoff football games on Nov. 15-17

The following information shows the designated home team for potential playoff football matchups to be completed by Saturday, Nov. 10. The formula for determining the home team is shown on page 69 of the football bulletin.

Sites are determined each week at the CHSAA office, one-and-a-half weeks prior to the next round.


How the home sites are determined.

  • For 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A and 1A: The team with the fewest playoff home games will host. If equal, the higher seed will host.
  • For 8-man and 6-man: The team with the fewest playoff home games will host. If equal, a coin flip determines the home team.

Future home sites

Key: Fewer home games - Fewest home playoff games; Higher seed - The highest seeded team.

Class 5A (Quarterfinals)
Schools Type Home Team
Valor Christian vs. Fairview Higher Seed Valor Christian
Valor Christian vs. ThunderRidge Higher Seed Valor Christian
Regis Jesuit vs. Fairview Higher Seed Fairview
Regis Jesuit vs. ThunderRidge Higher Seed ThunderRidge
Eaglecrest vs. Legacy Fewest Home Games Legacy
Eaglecrest vs. Grandview Higher Seed Eaglecrest
Lakewood vs. Legacy Higher Seed Lakewood
Lakewood vs. Grandview Fewest Home Games Lakewood
Columbine vs. Arvada West Higher Seed Columbine
Columbine vs. Pomona Higher Seed Columbine
Highlands Ranch vs. Arvada West Higher Seed Arvada West
Highlands Ranch vs. Pomona Higher Seed Pomona
Cherry Creek vs. Cherokee Trail Higher Seed Cherry Creek
Cherry Creek vs. Ralston Valley Higher Seed Cherry Creek
Castle View vs. Cherokee Trail Higher Seed Cherokee Trail
Castle View vs. Ralston Valley Higher Seed Ralston Valley
Class 4A (Quarterfinals)
Schools Type Home Team
Pine Creek vs. Pueblo West Higher Seed Pine Creek
Pine Creek vs. Skyline Fewest Home Games Skyline
Heritage vs. Pueblo West Fewest Home Games Heritage
Heritage vs. Skyline Higher Seed Skyline
Broomfield vs. Ponderosa Higher Seed Broomfield
Broomfield vs. Longmont Fewest Home Games Longmont
Chatfield vs. Ponderosa Fewest Home Games Chatfield
Chatfield vs. Longmont Higher Seed Longmont
Greeley vs. Montrose Higher Seed Greeley
Greeley vs. Dakota Ridge Fewest Home Games Dakota Ridge
Standley Lake vs. Montrose Fewest Home Games Standley Lake
Standley Lake vs. Dakota Ridge Higher Seed Dakota Ridge
Fruita Monument vs. Loveland Higher Seed Loveland
Fruita Monument vs. Rampart Fewest Home Games Rampart
Grand Junction Central vs. Loveland Fewest Home Games Grand Junction Central
Grand Junction Central vs. Rampart Higher Seed Grand Junction Central
Class 3A (Quarterfinals)
Schools Type Home Team
Palisade vs. Evergreen Fewest Home Games Evergreen
Palisade vs. Mead Higher Seed Palisade
Fort Morgan vs. Evergreen Higher Seed Evergreen
Fort Morgan vs. Mead Fewest Home Games Fort Morgan
Palmer Ridge vs. Harrison Higher Seed Palmer Ridge
Palmer Ridge vs. Holy Family Fewest Home Games Holy Family
Pueblo South vs. Harrison Fewest Home Games Pueblo South
Pueblo South vs. Holy Family Higher Seed Holy Family
Erie vs. Green Mountain Higher Seed Erie
Erie vs. Thomas Jefferson Fewest Home Games Thomas Jefferson
Durango vs. Green Mountain Fewest Home Games Durango
Durango vs. Thomas Jefferson Higher Seed Thomas Jefferson
Discovery Canyon vs. Pueblo East Higher Seed Pueblo East
Discovery Canyon vs. Lewis-Palmer Fewest Home Games Lewis-Palmer
Frederick vs. Pueblo East Fewest Home Games Frederick
Frederick vs. Lewis-Palmer Higher Seed Frederick
Class 2A (Semifinals)
Schools Type Home Team
Bayfield vs. La Junta Fewest Home Games Bayfield
Bayfield vs. Salida Higher Seed Bayfield
Faith Christian vs. La Junta Fewest Home Games Faith Christian
Faith Christian vs. Salida Higher Seed Salida
Basalt vs. Rifle Fewest Home Games Rifle
Basalt vs. Resurrection Christian Higher Seed Resurrection Christian
Platte Valley vs. Rifle Higher Seed Platte Valley
Platte Valley vs. Resurrection Christian Fewest Home Games Platte Valley
Class 1A (Semifinals)
Schools Type Home Team
Limon vs. Colorado Springs Christian Higher Seed Limon
Limon vs. Florence Fewest Home Games Florence
Meeker vs. Colorado Springs Christian Fewest Home Games Meeker
Meeker vs. Florence Higher Seed Florence
Strasburg vs. Centauri Fewest Home Games Centauri
Strasburg vs. Peyton Higher Seed Peyton
Burlington vs. Centauri Higher Seed Burlington
Burlington vs. Peyton Fewest Home Games Burlington
8-man (Semifinals)
Schools Type Home Team
West Grand vs. Rangely Coin Flip West Grand
West Grand vs. Hoehne Fewest Home Games West Grand
Pikes Peak Christian vs. Rangely Fewest Home Games Rangely
Pikes Peak Christian vs. Hoehne Coin Flip Pikes Peak Christian
Sedgwick County vs. Holly Coin Flip Holly
Sedgwick County vs. Merino Fewest Home Games Merino
Caliche vs. Holly Fewest Home Games Holly
Caliche vs. Merino Fewest Home Games Merino
6-man (Semifinals)
Schools Type Home Team
Stratton/Liberty vs. Otis Fewest Home Games Stratton/Liberty
Stratton/Liberty vs. Peetz Coin Flip Peetz
Granada vs. Otis Coin Flip Otis
Granada vs. Peetz Fewest Home Games Peetz
Arickaree/Woodlin vs. Fleming Coin Flip Arickaree/Woodlin
Arickaree/Woodlin vs. Kit Carson Fewest Home Games Kit Carson
Prairie vs. Fleming Fewest Home Games Prairie
Prairie vs. Kit Carson Coin Flip Kit Carson