Softball regionals can begin play on Friday in order to avoid weather on Saturday

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UPDATE: Due to poor field conditions, and a lack of available umpires, Friday is no longer an option for regionals. More information is available here. The original story is below.

AURORA — To help avoid expected poor weather on Saturday, softball regionals can begin play on Friday, if they choose to.

In order to play the region on Friday instead of Saturday — the date of play for regionals that is listed in the bulletin — all teams involved must agree to the change, according to Bud Ozzello, the CHSAA assistant commissioner in charge of softball.

Additionally, umpires must be available in order for the regional to be played on Friday. If umpires are not available, the regional will not be able to play on Friday.

Saturday's forecast is calling for a 50 percent change of precipitation in the afternoon in the Denver metro area and the northern part of the state.

Additionally, should any games not complete play on Saturday due to weather, teams will be expected to play the next available day, which would be Sunday. If Sunday is also affected by weather, then games would be pushed to Monday.

Here is the complete information sent out by the CHSAA office:

With the inclement weather expected this weekend, the CHSAA office is allowing regions to participate on Friday, October 12 or on Saturday, October 13. As written in our Softball Bulletin, if your region is postponed due to inclement weather from the calendar date of October 13, teams will be expected to play on the next available date which is Sunday, October 14th.

All teams in the region must be in 100% agreement to move the regional date to Friday from Saturday. The regional host must obtain written confirmation from all participating programs involved in the region to initiate a change from the CHSAA calendar.

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