Arapahoe cancels Friday's football game against Cherry Creek

Arapahoe Rock Canyon football

(Tim Visser/

In light of the two tragedies that have occurred at Arapahoe High School in the past week, CHSAA issued the following statement in support of the Arapahoe administration for the decision made on behalf of its school community to cancel its football game on Friday:

We commend principal Natalie Pramenko, athletic director Pat McCabe, coach Rod Sherman, the Arapahoe administration, and the Cherry Creek administration and coaching staff for their immediate and compassionate response to the events of this week. They put kids first, and football took a backseat.

This is an example of the core values of educationally-based athletics and activities. It sends the message that the well-being of kids physically, socially and mentally is more important than a game.

Right now, our concerns are for Arapahoe High School, their student body, and school community, at this time. As a membership, we stand with Arapahoe, and our 359 member schools will be there for them in all areas as needed.

The cancellation of Friday's football game will result in a forfeit.