Outlying schools to benefit from new out-of-state opponents calculation in the RPI

Valor Christian Mesa Ridge softball

(Renee Patridge/reneepatridgephoto.com)

AURORA — The RPI calculation for out-of-state opponents from select states is being adjusted this season.

For the past three seasons, out-of-state opponents have had their opponents' opponents' winning percentage (OWP) fixed at .500. This was because accurate data could not be verified for what would amount to tens of thousands of out-of-state teams.

However, in an effort to support schools with transportation challenges — especially those close to the borders of neighboring states — opponents from the following states will have the same calculation as in-state teams:

  • Arizona
  • Nebraska
  • New Mexico
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

This means that opponents from those states will be given their true value in the OWP calculation.

"It gives our member schools in outlying communities an opportunity to play teams from neighboring states without the perception that they are being penalized due to their geography," said CHSAA commissioner Rhonda Blanford-Green. "This will hopefully decrease the loss of school time and additional finances that are often associated with large amounts of travel."

The reason for this change is that each of the above states are MaxPreps partner states, which will ensure accurate reporting of data. Accurate date is critical to the RPI formula. Should other neighboring states become a MaxPreps partner, they will also be given the same calculation as an in-state team.

This change applies to all sports that use the RPI, and will be used going forward.

Additionally, the RPI formula in 2018 has been slightly altered for all sports, to 30/40/30. That change happened in February following a vote of the Board of Directors.

This information, and more, is included in the RPI FAQs.