CHSAA staff and Board members arrive in Chicago for NFHS Summer Meeting

(Mariano Mantel/Flickr)

CHICAGO — Nine CHSAA staff members and members of the Association's Board of Directors arrived here Thursday to attend the annual NFHS Summer Meeting.

The meeting — which is the 99th in history — is a five-day event featuring various workshops, panels, discussions, sessions and awards. It is an opportunity to exchange ideas on a nationwide scale.

Three CHSAA staff members will be leading discussions:

  • Assistant commissioner Bethany Brookens will lead the fine arts roundtable, which includes music and speech.
  • Assistant commissioner Bert Borgmann is presenting a session on participating in multiple sports and activities.
  • Associate commissioner Tom Robinson is presenting on students participating from home, charter and virtual schools.

The Summer Meeting also includes the NFHS Hall of Fame induction ceremony, as well as the ceremonies for the Spirit of Sport and Heart of the Arts awards.

Next year's Summer Meeting, the 100th, will be held in Indianapolis — where the NFHS is headquartered.