Smart snacking to fuel athletics

As an athlete, your calorie needs are ramped up slightly, which means proper meal planning should always carefully include refueling with nutritious snacks. It’s important to keep milk and dairy foods top of mind to ensure healthy bones and body.

After all, milk contains a powerful nutrient package of nine essential nutrients, and low-fat and fat-free dairy foods are fundamental to any athlete’s diet.

Here are some delicious smart snacking ideas to fuel your active lifestyle:

  • Choco-Raspberry Chug – Blend a cup of fat-free milk with frozen raspberries and sweetened cocoa.
  • Zesty Tostada – Top a tostada with fat-free refried beans and shredded pepper jack cheese.
  • Parfait Pleaser – Layer granola and fresh fruit with your favorite low-fat yogurt.
  • Cottage Cheese Your Way – Protein packed and nutrient rich, this commonly forgotten snack food can be served with a variety of mix-ins. Looking to add more fruit to your diet? Add peaches to a ¼ cup of cottage cheese or enjoy it with whole grain crackers (even your favorite flavored types) – which can be a delicious way to scoop cottage cheese as an afternoon snack. Need more ideas for cottage cheese? Consider these ideas.
  • Mango Mixer – Enjoy a tropical treat by blending mango, plain fat-free yogurt and a splash of pineapple juice.
  • Yogurt Dip – Slice an apple, strawberries or pineapple or grab some grapes and your favorite berries. Enjoy the sliced fruit by dipping it into a vanilla or plain yogurt with a dollop of honey.
  • Graham Dunk – Dip a few graham crackers into a cold glass of low-fat milk.
  • Smoothie Bowl – You’ll find that there are endless possibilities with this snack. All you need is a good blender, a bowl and spoon, your ingredients and toppings of choice. Let your culinary creativity fly!
  • Cheese and Crackers – Layer your favorite cheese and smoked turkey on crackers.

Want more snack ideas? Check out these seven easy, dietitian-approved post-workout snacks.

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