Facing rain, state track meet planning to run as scheduled

State track generic Jeffco Stadium venue

(Ryan Casey/CHSAANow.com)

Facing a forecast of rain this weekend, the state track and field meet is planning to run as scheduled.

The meet, set to be held at Jefferson County Stadium in Lakewood, begins Thursday, and Thursday looks to be clear of moisture. But Friday's forecast brings a 92 percent chance of rain on Friday during the day, and a possibility for thunderstorms in the afternoon. Saturday's forecast calls for a 50-70 percent chance of rain most of the day.

That said, rain won't necessarily interrupt every event, according to CHSAA assistant commissioner Jenn Roberts-Uhlig, who oversees the sport. Events on the track, as well as some field events, will able to compete as scheduled in the rain

Rain could potentially impact certain field events, and so the CHSAA office is working on contingencies for those events. If necessary, the schedule of events will be updated.

Lightning, however, could interrupt the meet. If lightning strikes within eight miles of Jeffco Stadium, the meet will go on a mandatory 30-minute delay from the most recent strike, and the stadium will need to be cleared.

So long as lightning does not strike again within that eight-mile radius during that 30-minute delay, the meet will resume.

Further updates will be communicated on CHSAANow.com, if necessary.