Ponderosa football Fuels Up with Milk and earns ticket to state playoffs

The Ponderosa football team was hoping for a state championship. While they fell to Loveland in the first round of the state playoffs, they have much to be proud of.

Coach Jaron Cohen has seen great success with the Ponderosa Football program since he joined as head coach in 2014. The program has grown from 75 players to nearly 120 this year.

With a 9-1 record going into playoffs, Cohen, in part, attributed the team’s success to the chocolate milk the athletes enjoyed after practices and games, after weight class and as part of Zero Hour (before school programming).

“They have access to chocolate milk in my office all day for after PE weights classes,” says coach Cohen. “Our kids love the milk – it’s just a parade of teenagers in and out of my office all day,” he jokes.

Coach Cohen provides a list of good options post exercise and chocolate milk tops the list – and for good reason.

“Obviously everyone loves chocolate milk, and it has the proper carbs to protein ratio,” says Cohen. He and his coaching team encourage the players to refuel with chocolate milk within 30 minutes of exercise for maximum benefits.

Western Dairy Association and Colorado dairy farm families congratulate Ponderosa High School Football Team for a wonderful 2017 season!

Athletes can train harder and perform better with proper nutrition. Visit WesternDairyAssociation.org to read more about milk as an exercise recovery beverage and learn how to eat for peak athletic performance.