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Host school, designated home teams for the 3A, 4A, 5A football championships

The following information shows the designated home team for championship football games to be played on Saturday, Dec. 2. The formula for determining the home team is shown on page 50 of the football bulletin.


How the home sites are determined.

  • 5A, 4A: The team with the fewest playoff home games will serve as the designated "home" team at Mile High for the championship.
  • 3A: The higher seed will host the championship game regardless of the number of home games. A home site must hold 5,000 fans, otherwise the host school must designate a site to host the game.

Future home sites

Key: Home games - Fewest home playoff games; Higher seed - The highest seeded team; Mileage - One-way mileage.

3A (Final)
Matchup Home Games Higher Seed Home Team Mileage
Palmer Ridge Erie   X Palmer Ridge 73
4A (Final)
Matchup Home Games Higher Seed Home Team
Pine Creek Pueblo South X   Pueblo South
5A (Final)
Matchup Home Games Higher Seed Home Team
Eaglecrest Pomona X   Pomona