CLOC meeting: New enrollment splits set for classifications, and other notes

CLOC meeting

(Ryan Casey/

AURORA — The Classification and League Organizing Committee met Tuesday, and chief among their decisions was setting enrollment splits for the 2018-20 two-year cycle.

Those enrollment cutoffs are listed below, save for football, which has its classifications set by the football committee. Those splits will be posted within the next 10 days. This information is also available on this page.

A breakdown of each school's reported Oct. 2017 enrollment, which is used to place programs into classifications, is available here.

Enrollment cutoffs

Team Sports (except football)
Class Bottom Top
5A 1392 up
4A 619 1391
3A 272 618
2A 88 271
1A 1 87
Cross Country
Class Bottom Top
5A 1520 up
4A 788 1519
3A 304 787
2A 1 303
Boys Golf
Class Bottom Top
5A 1520 up
4A 677 1519
3A 1 676
Girls Golf
Class Bottom Top
5A 1590 up
4A 870 1589
3A 1 869
Class Bottom Top
5A 1698 up
4A 1 1697
Boys Swimming
Class Bottom Top
5A 1622 up
4A 1 1621
Girls Swimming
Class Bottom Top
5A 1765 up
4A 1160 1764
3A 1 1159
Boys Tennis
Class Bottom Top
5A 1397 up
4A 1 1396
Girls Tennis
Class Bottom Top
5A 1650 up
4A 1075 1649
3A 1 1074
Class Bottom Top
5A 1514 up
4A 788 1513
3A 298 787
2A 94 297
1A 1 93
Class Bottom Top
5A 1654 up
4A 955 1653
3A 304 954
2A 1 303

Re-classification of schools

Three schools asked to reclassify according to bylaw 1500.21, which allows schools to move down a class if they meet a number of factors, such as socio-economics, geography, competitive history and enrollment trend.

  • Greeley Central was approved to reclassify. This means their team sports will compete in 4A, and representatives of the school said it was their intention to play up to 4A in sports, such as wrestling, where the reclassification would put them in 3A.
  • Montezuma-Cortez's reclassification from 4A to 3A was also approved. Likewise, school reps said they would commit to playing up to 3A in any sports where the reclassification would put them in 2A.
  • Skyline's reclassification from 5A to 4A was approved.

Program playdowns

The following schools had their program playdown requests approved. These programs will not be eligible to compete in the postseason, per bylaw 1500.27.

  • Arvada football from 3A to 2A.
  • Boulder softball from 5A to 4A.
  • Calhan football from 1A to 8-man.
  • Cripple-Creek Victor from 8-man to 6-man.
  • Dolores Huerta from 1A to 8-man.
  • Jefferson from 2A to 1A.
  • Loveland boys and girls soccer from 5A to 4A.
  • Mead boys soccer from 4A to 3A.
  • Pinnacle football from 2A to 1A.
  • Rangeview boys lacrosse from 5A to 4A.

New schools approved as members

The committee approved seven new schools for initial probationary membership into CHSAA. They are:

  • Denver School of Science & Tech - Byers, which is in Denver's Wash Park neighborhood.
  • KIPP Northeast, located in northeast Denver.
  • Loveland Classical School, in Loveland.
  • Riverdale Ridge, in Brighton.
  • Strive Prep Rise, in northeast Denver.
  • Strive Prep Smart, in southwest Denver.
  • Thomas MacLaren, in Colorado Springs.

KIPP Northeast and Strive Prep Rise are housed in the same building and are planning to co-op, so they will play 4A. DSST-Byers, Riverdale Ridge and Strive Prep Smart will likely be 3A. Loveland Classical and Thomas MacLaren will likely be 2A,

Riverdale Ridge will most likely play 2A football, as well.

Another school, Windsor Charter, was not accepted because the CLOC members felt the school was not yet ready to become a member for a variety of reasons.

With these new schools, CHSAA will have 361 member schools in 2018-19.

Stargate School granted full membership

One new school has joined CHSAA as a full member, moving off probationary status: Stargate School, which is located in Thornton.

Three others up for review for full membership were left on probationary status:

  • DSST-College View was left on because it has had multiple CHSAA violations dealing with eligibility.
  • Golden View Classical Academy and Victory Prep Academy were both left on probationary status because no one from the school attended the CLOC meeting.