Cripple Creek-Victor, Deer Trail will resume suspended football game on a Monday

Cripple Creek-Victor and Deer Trail had their football game delayed and later suspended by lightning last Saturday.

On Tuesday, the two schools agreed to a date where they'll finish their 6-man contest: It will resume on Oct. 9, a Monday, at 2 p.m. at Cripple Creek-Victor.

The game originally started late Saturday afternoon, at 3 p.m., and the start of the second half was delayed by lightning for more than an hour. Because the field doesn't have lights, it was too dark to play in the third quarter, and the game was officially suspended with 9:54 to play in that frame.

Deer Trail is leading Cripple Creek-Victor 31-14. Cripple Creek-Victor has the ball on their 27, with first-and-10.

Cripple Creek-Victor hosts Elbert on the Saturday prior to their resumption of this game. Deer Trail plays at Cheraw on the Friday before.

CHSAA's quarter rule dictates that a student-athlete cannot participate in more than six quarters in three days, and no more than seven in a week. Under the rule, a week is defined as Thursday to Wednesday. Exceptions to the six-quarter rule can be made for postponed contests.