Mitchell HS creates sportsmanship announcement that athletes will read before home events

Lewis-Palmer Mitchell boys soccer

(Jeff Tucker/

Seeking to further foster the sportsmanship that exists in high school sports, Mitchell High School has created an announcement that its athletes will read prior to home events.

The announcement, a brainchild of the Mitchell administration, was reviewed by the school's head coaches, its student-athletes, the English department, and by other athletic directors within District 11.

The sportsmanship announcement will be read by students prior to their home events at Mitchell High School and Garry Berry Stadium this school year.

It will also be printed on the back of every program for home events, and will be distributed to parents during Mitchell's Fall Sports Kick-Off event on Wednesday, as well as their back-to-school event on Aug. 31.

Here's the text of the sportsmanship announcement:

Good afternoon/evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to Mitchell H.S./Garry Berry Stadium. My name is: (student's name) and I am here to deliver your sportsmanship announcement for this event.

On behalf of my teammates, coaches, athletic program, school, and CHSAA, I want to thank everyone here for coming out to support us, the STUDENT-ATHLETES, who will be participating this afternoon/evening. We choose to participate because it is fun for us and we enjoy the friendly competition.

We ask that, YOU, the spectators, honor and respect the student athletes and this event. We PREPARE, PLAN, and PLAY to WIN, BUT WINNING is not our PURPOSE. Our purpose as players and coaches is to compete, to learn to work together, to manage adversity when it arises, and to accept the outcome of this event with humbleness and humility.

To the OFFICIALS, thank you for your sacrifice to this game. We realize you are human and you might make mistakes but we will not criticize you for them. Instead, we will respect you for your efforts and dedication to our sport.

To our OPPONENTS, we will compete against you as hard as we can because we want to win just as much as you do, but at the end of this event, we will respect you for being our competitors.

To the PARENTS and FANS, cheer for us in a positive manner, respect all of the players, coaches, and officials and remember, this is just a game and we are here to have fun.

Not everyone gets to win everything and there are some incredible LIFE LESSONS that can be learned from any outcome. With that being said, let's have a fantastic event this afternoon/evening.