Fall’s Fuel Up with Milk grant winners announced

Congratulations to the fall Fuel Up with Milk grant winners!

Drum roll, please. The winners are…

  • Widefield High School Boys and Girls Cross Country Team
  • Ponderosa High School Boys Football Team

Each of these two teams will be receiving cash to purchase milk (both white and chocolate) for the athletes for the entire sport season, soft-sided coolers for easy milk transport (perfect for travel days, practices and home games), a Fuel Up with Milk banner, and additional promotional and educational materials.

Keep an eye on the CHSAANow Nutrition Corner for a feature story on each of these teams in the coming months.

The runner-up school was Frontier Academy Boys and Girls Cross Country Team. The team received their choice of a soft-sided cooler for transporting milk to practices and games or $100 cash to be used for the purchase of fluid milk. Frontier decided on the $100 cash for the purchase of milk for the team.

Would you like to see your athletes excel both on and off the field by replenishing their bodies with white or chocolate milk? Your team could win funds to provide FREE milk for a season.

If your student athletes aren’t fueling up with low-fat white or chocolate milk, this is a great opportunity to get started! Additional details can be found here: https://westerndairyassociation.org/dairy-in-your-diet/sports-nutrition/fuel-milk-grants. Check back this fall for information about the spring grants. 

Athletes can train harder and perform better with proper nutrition. Visit https://westerndairyassociation.org/dairy-in-your-diet/sports-nutrition to read more about milk as an exercise recovery beverage and learn how to eat for peak athletic performance.