All bulletins posted, CHSCA clinic nears as start of fall sports season approaches

Elizabeth Wheat Ridge boys soccer generic goalkeeper

(Lance Wendt/

The start of the Fall 2017 sports season is a little over a week away, and things are ramping up as a result.

As of Wednesday, every bulletin for the fall sports season has been posted. They are all available on the Bulletins page, as well as the individual sport pages.

On Thursday, the annual multi-sport clinic for the Colorado High School Coaches Association begins. It runs through Saturday. More than 700 coaches have registered.

All CHSAA administrative members will be speaking at the CHSCA clinic, and CHSAANow will have a booth on site where we'll be giving away books, shirts and other items. Coaches will also be able to sign up to vote in the weekly coaches polls at the booth.

In addition, commissioner Rhonda Blanford-Green and assistant commissioner Ernie Derrera will address the entire conference on Friday morning.

Then, CHSAA's annual All-School Summit runs next Monday and Tuesday. The Athletic Secretaries/Finance Directors Summit is also on Tuesday.

A week later, boys golf practice begins on Aug. 7. And then it's basically non-stop action until the end of May 2018.