State baseball schedule could be changed due to impending storm

(Ryan Casey/

AURORA — The storm expected to hit the state later this week could potentially change the schedule to this week's state baseball tournaments.

Forecasts show bad weather rolling into the metro area, as well as the Greeley and Niwot areas, starting on Wednesday evening. The storm is expected to bring rain through Thursday, and snow on Friday, as well as temperatures in the 30s. In Pueblo, the storm is expected to last all day on Thursday.

That's an issue, obviously, with the 1A baseball championship slated for Thursday in Lakewood, and the 2A (Pueblo), 3A (Greeley/Niwot), 4A (Lakewood/Denver), and 5A (Denver) tournaments all set to start on Friday.

Aside from the immediate issue of moisture, the fields may not be ready to play even if the storm moves out early. As such, schedule changes may be announced in the coming days.

"We are keeping a close eye on the impending storm," said CHSAA assistant commissioner Bert Borgmann, who administers baseball. "Know that it has the potential to wipe out Friday's games, as well as potentially Saturday's games if the fields can't recover.

"At this point, we are looking at all options and discussing all conflicts with sites and schools to see what an alternate schedule might look like," he added.

A decision on the 1A title game will be made by Wednesday morning, and one on the 2A-5A games will be made by Thursday.

CHSAA's inclement weather plan for the spring indicated that any postponed events would be moved to the next available day, and includes the use of Sunday as an option for play.