3A baseball's state tournament bracket

The 2017 state tournament bracket for Class 3A baseball.

Sites: Niwot HS and Butch Butler Field (Greeley)

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Bracket notes:

  • The number next to a team is not a seed. It is a team number. The matchups are predetermined based upon the Region each team won. See page 32 in the baseball bulletin for more information.
  • The site director will flip a coin for home team in all games.
  • The loser of Game 11 (L11) and winner of Game 11 (W11) may change places so that previous opponents are not matched. This spot is marked by an asterisk (*) on the bracket.
  • If three teams remain after Game 13, the winner of Game 11 (W11) draws a bye to Game 15. If W11 loses Game 12, there will be three teams left and W11 earns the bye. W12 then plays W13 to reach finals. This spot is marked by a caret (^) on the bracket.