Fairview girls basketball forfeits eight games due to ineligible player

Fairview Pine Creek girls basketball

(Katie Pickrell/CHSAANow.com)

Fairview girls basketball has forfeit eight games as a result of playing an ineligible player in January. Included in those games are six wins.

The player was ineligible due to not having enough Carnegie units on her schedule.

As a result, Fairview's record has changed from 16-4 to 10-10. The scores will stand for the two games the Knights lost over that period.

"This is a case of a school discovering a problem, and stepping up to address that problem, which includes forfeiting eight games," said CHSAA assistant commissioner Bert Borgmann, who oversees basketball. "From the beginning, they knew it was the right thing to do, and it reflects well on the school and community for the steps they've taken.

"The key is that they have addressed the problem and ensured that it's not likely to happen again."

Added CHSAA commissioner Paul Angelico: "Their quick reaction to this is another example of a school demonstrating the ethics of high school sports, and what's important."

The games the Knights have forfeit are the following:

  • Jan. 6 vs. Poudre, a 51-24 win (forfeits win)
  • Jan. 7 at Regis Jesuit, a 69-52 loss (score stands)
  • Jan. 10 at Mountain Range, a 75-33 win (forfeits win)
  • Jan. 13 vs. Horizon, a 64-57 loss (score stands)
  • Jan. 17 at Monarch, a 49-47 win (forfeits win)
  • Jan. 20 at Broomfield, a 63-51 win (forfeits win)
  • Jan. 24 at Fort Collins, a 62-54 win (forfeits win)
  • Jan. 27 vs. Boulder, a 77-33 win (forfeits win)