Cross country committee recommends change for 2A scoring at state meet

State cross country start generic

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AURORA — The cross country committee has recommended a change to how teams score at the Class 2A state meet.

Currently, 2A teams can run six total runners, with their first three finishers counting toward their point total. On Monday, the cross country committee recommended changing that to running six and scoring four. The proposal originally came from the Mile High League.

The recommendation now moves forward to the Legislative Council, where it will be voted upon during the January 2017 meeting.

“The change is great to continue the evolution of cross country at the lower classification,” said CHSAA assistant commissioner Jenn Roberts-Uhlig, who oversees the sport. “There is, however, worry and concern for those 2A schools with a low enrollment, and if this will make it harder for them to qualify for the state meet as a team.”

If the change were to be approved, a team would need to have at least four runners qualify for the state meet. Currently, schools only need three to compete as a team.

The Legislative Council next meets on Jan. 26, 2017 in Aurora.


  • The committee also recommended that each regional have at least three officials. Currently, regionals are only required to have one official.
  • With talk of potentially adding a 6A classification across the Association, the committee also discussed whether or not the sport would add a fifth class if that happened. No decision was reached, as everything is still in preliminary stages.
  • The committee forwarded a recommendation for an entry fee to the state meet as the cross country is a non-revenue producing sport. The proposed fee is $50 per team (with separate fees for boys teams and girls teams), or $10 per individual.
  • Cross country’s state qualifiers will be processed on Monday beginning next season, moving from Sunday.