Guidelines for league nominations as part of team sports all-state process

Note: This only applies to team sports, where teams are voted on. All-State teams for individual sports will continue to be determined based upon performance at the state meet.

This fall, the nomination process for the All-State teams are changing slightly.

The process will still begin with nominations from leagues. However, the number of nominees from each league has been standardized.

Leagues should submit their nominees to Ryan Casey at immediately following the end of the sport's season when the final championship game has been played.

Below is a breakdown of the number of nominees, as well as the nomination deadline, for each sport. If leagues fail to nominate players, they will not have any representatives on the all-state teams.

All-state nominations from leagues

Sport Nominees per league Nomination deadline
Softball 14 10/28
Field hockey 17 11/3
Volleyball 9 11/18
Boys Soccer 17 11/18
Football 25 12/9