Student Leadership's State Reps to serve on CHSAA committees

(Troy Rivera)

State Reps and the CHSAA staff met on Tuesday. (Troy Rivera/

FORT COLLINS — Students will have direct voice on select CHSAA committees beginning this school year.

That was the result of a meeting between CHSAA staff and the State Representatives during the annual Student Leadership summer camp at Colorado State University on Tuesday.

The student committee members will be selected by the Student Leadership State Representatives with the help of liaison Troy Rivera, the advisor at University High School. The students will be appointed to serve on various CHSAA committees, including certain sports and activities committees, as well as things like the Classification and League Organizing Committee.

"This is something we've wanted to work toward," said CHSAA commissioner Paul Angelico. "We really believe that a student's voice will carry a lot of weight in that setting, and add a needed perspective to our committees."

The State Reps are broken into geographic regions, meaning each student will serve as the voice of a given area during the 2016-17 school year.

The meeting between the State Reps and the CHSAA staff also worked toward further collaboration between the Association and students, including things like social media, and a contest which is taking shape.