AURORA — We've given a redesign. If you're reading this, that's probably already apparent.

Why? Well, for starters, we wanted to. But we also felt that the site, launched in July 2013, needed to change its look after three years of existence. We are always striving to keep our content and ideas fresh on this site, and we felt the design should match that philosophy.

We've tinkered with's look and feel in the past, but those have been small changes. Still, those changes have been adding up over the years, and it began to resemble a layering of duct tape. Without getting too much in the weeds, this new design allowed us to clean up some of those things, and, more importantly, it has also allowed us to speed up how quickly the page loads.

Fret not, everything is still in the same spot. We've left our navigation intact, and the URLs still point to the same places they did last week — or last year. Should you need to get to, that link remains prominent in the menu.

Finally, our site's goal hasn't changed. We'll continue to strive to provide the best coverage of Colorado high school sports and activities. The only difference is the way it looks.

We've got some other exciting projects in the works, stuff we can hopefully announce in the next few weeks. Until then, should you have any questions, concerns or comments about anything we're doing here on — including this redesign — please feel free to drop me an email at