The 2016 student leadership camp is just weeks away

Student Leadership Camp

(Ryan Casey/

The 2016 student leadership camp is quickly approaching.

This summer's camp, the 52nd annual gathering, runs July 18-21 at Colorado State University. Registration is already closed, but more than 450 total students and advisors are set to attend. A total of 76 different high schools will be represented, drawing attendees from all over the state and from every classification.

Every year, the student leadership camp gives attendees skills they can use throughout the school year. Included in the topics are diversity, self-evaluation, team-building, technology and building leadership programs.

This year's keynote speaker will be Camille Yameen, a motivational speaker who traded in a job working for clients all over Las Vegas and the strip to go work for the Peace Corps in Madagascar.

According to her bio, Yameen is "an advocate for laughing hard each and every day, teaching how to embrace our inner weirdness, celebrating the beauty of the magical world we live in and reminding everyone that hey — we’re all in this together."

CHSAA assistant commissioner Harry Waterman is the student leadership camp's coordinator and director. Rashaan Davis, StuCo Advisor at Highlands Ranch High School, is the curriculum director.