Milk grant applications due June 4

milkAre you familiar with the benefits of drinking milk after exercise? Looking to share these benefits with your team for a season?

The dairy farm families of Western Dairy Association are offering Fuel Up with Milk Grants in conjunction with the Colorado High School Activities Association for Colorado’s fall 2016 sports season.

Recipients of the grant will receive funding to purchase milk (both white and chocolate) for your team to replenish after practices and games. For more information and grant specifics, visit this page.


Milk, both white and chocolate, provides key nutrients needed after exercise. Milk is 90% water and a great tasting choice after practice and games. Milk’s fluids and electrolytes, including calcium, potassium and magnesium, rehydrate the body and replenish what is lost in sweat. Carbohydrates in milk refuel muscles and replenish glycogen (energy) stores. High-quality protein aids in muscle recovery and repair. Calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus build & maintain strong bones. Milk provides potassium to help ward off muscle cramping. B vitamins in milk help convert food to energy.

Athletes can train harder and perform better with proper nutrition! Would you like to see your athletes excel both on and off the field by replenishing their bodies with chocolate milk? Your team could win funds to provide FREE milk for a season. If your student athletes aren’t fueling up with low-fat white or chocolate milk, this is a great opportunity to get started!

For more information on the Fuel up with Milk Grant visit Western Dairy Association’s sports nutrition webpage.